I refer to it as an art, because speaking, or presenting, in front of an audience can be a similar experience to acting, which is an art. Speaking in public is an experience that gives you the chance to create. To create an impact on the listeners.

I don’t know how everyone else was, but there were a lot of things going through my mind, when I was out there, presenting. Even though I was with a partner, I was always concerned, and it seemed that my mind couldn’t stop thinking about other things, questioning: why are the students looking at me so critically, how does my hair look, do I look stressed, why is the lecturer writing comments, did I do something wrong, will my colleague do her part well and so on. This is normal, your brain will do that. But this doesn’t mean your body/face/gestures will show that you are nervous.

Don’t worry, they will not know! This is why I say it is similar to acting, you can pretend that you are a confident person, even if in fact you are scared. This helps a lot!

Another piece of advice is to try to include some jokes in your presentation. Jokes are a good way of feeling connected to the audience and when you see that the other people are smiling back you feel relieved and you feel that they agree and support you.

I hope this helps !!!!! Goodluck

Anonymous, Student.