Being in front of number of people, presenting a topic in any area is a piece of art that you must be trained enough to succeed in. A successful presenter is a person who really attracts you from the first word that come out of their mouth, the first gesture they attempt to do and from the first communication you have with them.

In order to have a good presentation at first, as I think, you have to choose a subject that you can explain, present in a creative way and take its deep meaning to everyone listening to you without giving them a chance to feel bored. Secondly, to have a good body language that includes eye contact, facial expressions, gestures, postures where you have to be careful about every move you attempt to do as they will be delivering messages to your audience. Thirdly, a successful presentation has to be supported by good resources like a power point show, videos, pictures and books to name a few. Fourthly, your communication with the audience does affect on the success of your presentation where involving the people in the subject, having different discussions with them, giving them a chance to add things to the subject and open the door for their feedbacks and question will make them concentrate and follow up with you more. Finally, to have a wonderful, more powerful and heart touching conclusion will play a big role on the success of your presentation.

I am saying that standing in front of people and presenting a subject is something easy but you can create a huge success for yourself out of it. In addition, delivering a piece of information and adding something new to the audience is another credit that you may add to your goals. Stand up with confidence, talk deeply from your heart, involve the people in your talk and you will, for sure, succeed!


Aysha Said Al Wahibi (Sultanate of Oman) – (English Language and British Culture course) Coventry University summer school