It only took a two-week course to discover how a journey outside my country can change me, my views and my perspectives towards many things in life and how much I am fortunate to be a part of sweet eternal memories and experiences that have empowered me for the rest of my life.

Sharing classes with other students from all over the world, especially my Swiss friends Samuel and Lucas, made me change my stereotyped idea about Europeans being very serious in their daily life and lacking a sense of humour.

In addition, meeting new people and working on tasks during the classes, sharing breakfast and lunch with them, then spending splendid nights out in oriental restaurants with my other Swiss friends Marcel and Christian, and my Egyptian friends Nada and Hana got me out off my comfort zone and totally transformed me from a loner to a person who admires social interaction and cultural exchange even if it is as simple as having a walk with others in the city centre or just sitting and admiring the architectural beauty of Coventry Cathedral. And above all, I learnt to enjoy the moment and forget about the past.

And above all, I learnt to enjoy the moment and forget about the past.

Moreover, last year experience reinforced my self confidence as a person and as a student as I had to travel to a country in which I have never been to and got to figure out how to reach my destination safe by my own hands. On the other hand, I was convinced that studying English in my country was fruitful as I could rely on the knowledge and the skills that I learned back home and they were valid here too. Furthermore, Coventry inspired me very much that I hugged a friend when we were back from Cambridge and said to her, ‘’Next year, I’ll be back.’’, she smiled and somewhere deep inside she was sure that I would not because when people are overwhelmed they make promises that they would never keep. However, last Sunday, I walked into the hub to look for her and she was talking to the new summer school students. I went towards her and hugged her tightly saying, ‘’ look, I kept my words, darling.’’


The student’s name: SAHLI Naima
Summer School Programme (British Culture)