Oral Presentation Skills for Students and Teachers

Oral Presentation Skills for Students and Teachers

Some Presentation Tips — 10 January, 2017

Some Presentation Tips

So, you’ve chosen to do Language in the Mind for your final year in university. (Either that or it was one of the mandatory modules you had to do if you chose the Language and Literature route). Good for you. I mean that with the most sincerity. There is a lot of work to be done in this module; a lot of reading will take up your time, but it is definitely one of the most intriguing modules I’ve done in my years here and has shown just how complex our minds really are.

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One Experience, Different Perspectives — 27 July, 2016

One Experience, Different Perspectives


It only took a two-week course to discover how a journey outside my country can change me, my views and my perspectives towards many things in life and how much I am fortunate to be a part of sweet eternal memories and experiences that have empowered me for the rest of my life.

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Oral presentation by random French girl —

Oral presentation by random French girl

I am here in Britain for the summer school experience in Coventry and I really got impressed to see that some topics are universal. I have known through my linguistics courses in France that the body language could be, in some way, a national way to express ourselves. But sometimes some gesture will not convey the same message according to the country from which you are coming from. Just to give you an example, I met a girl from Czech Republic and we had this little talk about how to wish for luck. In France we cross the fingers and in her country they just do a fist and shake it.

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How to hit your audience attention! — 26 July, 2016
Oral presentations, Erasmus and my piece of advice — 3 December, 2015

Oral presentations, Erasmus and my piece of advice


My name is Maria and I am an Erasmus student from Spain. This year I have been studying at Coventry University, this means that I have had to attend to classes which are taught in English, as well as the assignments. Because of this, I have had to work with English students and do my presentations in English. At this point, I would like to share with you my experience, and see if this can help other Erasmus students in order to be prepared when coming to study to Coventry.

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The art of public speaking — 16 June, 2015
Doing a presentation can be… —

Doing a presentation can be…

… incredibly nerve-wracking and stressful, especially if you’re the kind of person (like me) who hates standing up in front of people. In fact I believe it’s more worrying to stand up in front of people you know, because as the saying goes, familiarity breeds contempt. And nervousness. However, there can be times when you have to present in front of those you don’t know and everyone has a different strategy for this. I remember someone telling me that if they had to present like this, they imagined everyone was naked. Not sure how that would have helped…  I know I would crack up laughing! You probably are looking for a different strategy which is why you’re reading this. I don’t have a strategy as such but I do believe that you can overcome any obstacle with one thing

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