The key to making an effective presentation is to understand the Presentation Wheel below.

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The Presentation Wheel

The Presentation Wheel shows three main elements to an effective presentations:

  • Delivery: How the speaker delivers the lines. What they do with their body can be just as important as what comes out of their mouth.
  • Visual Aids:  The audience don’t want to look at the speaker all the time. Well designed visual aids, such as PowerPoint slides, can create impact and help the audience to understand. However there can only be one message in the presentation so visual aids need to complement what the speaker is saying, not compete with them.
  • Content: This refers to the message that is being conveyed. The structure and organisation of the content of the presentation can be a powerful way to simplify and communicate a message. The relevance of information presented is also important.

These three elements, if brought together correctly, create synergy and enable the presenter to engage the audience and bridge the gap. At the core of the wheel is the Taegeuk symbol showing the yin-yang concept of ‘balance’. These factors complement each other: a good speaker who engages the audience will bridge the gap, and likewise, a speaker who bridges the gap will engage the audience. This is the only true measure of whether a presentation has been successful or not.

  • engage the audience: A good presenter is able to engage the audience through questions, surprise and intrigue.
  • bridge the gap: The knowledge gap between what the presenter understands and what the audience know is vast. A skilled presenter is able to bridge this gap and deliver an effective presentation.

‘Language’ surrounds the Taegeuk at the centre and provides a path from the three outer elements. This captures the idea that language pervades all aspects of the presentation and without it the speaker cannot succeed.

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