Welcome to the students on the “English Language and British Culture” summer course at Coventry University. We have set up this special page for you so we can share ideas and exchange materials.

Please come back regularly to this page for updates.



L2 – Tuesday

Vocabulary and Grammar Book

PowerPoint Slides here

Celine’s blog

Naima’s blog

For Thursday

  1. Prepare some slides and get ready for your presentation
  2. Read p8-11 – Content & Miscellaneous
  3. Write a blog
  4. Bring a new story to class
  5. Catch vocabulary

L1 – Monday

Vocabulary and Grammar Book

Quizlet link 

PowerPoint Slides here

Aysha’s blog

For tomorrow:

  1. Read p6/7 on Visual Aids
  2. Read the news on the internet (BBC). Bring one story to class tomorrow.
  3. Catch vocabulary
  4. Write a blog

Summer School 2016